What is ANR?

Understanding Opioid Dependency

Modern science indicates that opiate dependency is a direct consequence of the drug induced neuro- adaptation, neuro-receptor and endorphin-receptor dysregulation from habitual opiate use. The method developed by Dr. Andre Waismann addresses the fundamental neuro-pathological derangement and provides addicts with sustained relief.

Withdrawals and cravings can be reversed, with modern medicine and correct receptor evaluation. By adjusting the Naltrexone dosage to the specific needs of the patient, the ANR treatment will allow endorphin/receptor balance and people can return to a normal and healthy life.

That’s what we can achieve with the ANR technique.

The ANR Vision

ANR Clinic was the result of Dr. Andre Waismann, the world’s leading authority in the field of reversing opiate dependency. Dr. Waismann has performed over 24,000 successful treatments worldwide. The ANR method has spanned many continents from Italy to Australia, Switzerland to the United States, and over 20 countries, His countless patients and years of dedication have positively impacted many peoples’ lives forever. Dr. Waismann, along with his American physicians are fully dedicated to bringing ANR to millions of opioid dependent patients in America and doing their part to help them live a normal life.

The ANR Treatment

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation addresses opioid dependency treatment from this perspective to achieve the therapeutic goal of returning the central nervous system, most imperatively the brain, to its normal endorphin-receptor equilibrium. It does this by producing a state of neuronal, endorphin-receptor balance via modulation or re-regulation at the cellular and neuro-chemical level. It’s essential for therapy to occur at this level in order to alleviate the compulsive drug seeking behavior that is exhibited by all addicts as a direct result of cravings or drug hunger.

ANR (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation) addresses the issue of opioid dependency and addiction purely from a modern scientific and medical perspective. ANR eliminates the hurt and suffering associated with the traditional programs (detox or rapid detox). Withdrawals are managed while the patient is unconscious and post treatment craving will not play a role in patients’ lives anymore.

It’s this type of procedure that has brought the treatment of opioid addiction into a new era and given hope to thousands of people who suffer from opioid dependency.


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