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Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

Thoughts on Betrayal and Trust by Dr. Andre Waismann

Premiere Of Overture Films' "Jack Goes Boating" - ArrivalsActors.

They become so intimate to us.

We set no walls or barriers when we expose ourselves wantingly and knowingly to them.

Most of the time, we allow them to invade our world in a more intimate way then we would a sister, brother or close friend.

On this long and yet short trail of leaving, they become our teachers, healers, even advisers.

We engage ourselves again and again, in this emotional dancing, where they lead us through a collage of rhythms and colors from white to black.

True healers. Read more


The plight of heroin addiction

heroBorn and raised in Switzerland, educated in good schools, polite and gentle.

He fell into heroin addiction.

In time, left all alone to fight the illness.

Fell into Methadone and Heroine more and more…

Continued to struggle, everyday hunting for temporary self healing. Read more

Opiate Dependence

One Doctor's Desire to Heal Those Who Others Scorn


Today’s society is over saturated with media.

A tragedy becomes front-page news and everyone feels the need to know the gory details. Extreme negative attention is placed on those addicted to drugs and opiates. They are judged for their illness rather than empathized for their struggles. Suffering from opiate dependence is not something anyone would willingly choose.

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Hitler’s Choice: Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction

by Dr. Andre Waismann



Why does it take so long for some changes to take place, while other changes will happen at the blink of an eye?

Could you consider treating your heart condition with the knowledge and technology of 1952?

Would you consent to surgery in an operation room from 1966?

What about being treated with a substance developed by the Hitler regime in 1939? Read more

Ashkelon, Israel

Home of the Barzilai Medical Center

ashkelonisraelAshkelon, Israel is a city on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel located between Tel Aviv and the border of the Gaza Strip. With its breathtaking views and sandy white beaches, it’s a top destination for tourists in Israel. If you have an opiate addiction, the Barzilai Medical Center is a place where you can get the help you need with a pioneer in the field, Dr. Andre Waismann. Read more

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