The ANR Treatment

The Newest and Most Effective Treatment for Opioid Dependency

The Newest and Most Effective Treatment for Opioid Dependency

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) addresses opioid dependency from the nervous system perspective to achieve the therapeutic goal of returning the central nervous system, most imperatively the brain, to its normal endorphin-receptor equilibrium. It does this by producing a state of endorphin-receptor balance via regulation (modulation) at the cellular and neuro-chemical level. Only by treating the patient at this level we can achieve our ultimate goal which is to free the patient from withdrawals and cravings at once, so the patient can leave the addiction behind, and move on with their lives.

ANR addresses the issue of opioid dependency and addiction purely from a modern scientific and medical perspective. ANR eliminates the hurt and suffering associated with the traditional programs (detox or rapid detox). Withdrawals are managed while the patient is unconscious and post treatment craving will not play a role in patients' lives anymore.

ANR Hospitalization – Step by Step

• Morning - Hospitalization at ANR unit Laboratory screening. Clinical examination pre medication allows for a comfortable induction into the sedation stage.

• Noon - Sedation stage – The patient is induced and brought to a deep sleep for a period of 3 to 4 hours. During this period the opioid receptors will be blocked, and the withdrawal syndrome will occur and be managed throughout the procedure.

• Evening/Night - Once the patient awakes from the sedation, we allow sleeping through the night with continuous observation.

• Morning after / Recovery period – Early in the morning we start the post ANR Naltrexone treatment. The patient will be encouraged to wash, drink and eat and usually will be discharged in the late afternoon or the following morning.

Upon discharge, patients are no longer dependent, withdrawal syndromes are over, and the Naltrexone regimen has started

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