Why ANR is effective while Rapid Detox is not?

Addiction is Neuro adaptation.

The human body reacts to the introduction of a new substance into its system by discharging different chemicals in order to respond to the effects of the newly introduced substance. The body will always respond in order to balance itself.

Once the substance is introduced in a continuous way, the body response will eventually become maintained, creating a new kind of self-regulation where the new substance plays an important role – and that’s when the dependency is established.

It becomes the new standard of Regulation.

If for some reason, the intake of the new substance is interrupted, the body will need to try and re-regulate itself. This process is known as withdrawal syndrome.

Rapid Detox centers cannot correct this crucial chemical imbalance. Naltrexone, an opiate antagonist, has been used within Rapid Detox treatment attempts.  However, Rapid Detox has yielded poor results and serious complications have been widely reported. There are even clinics promoting high levels of effectiveness and successful results while at the same time they hold the record of very serious complications including cases of death.

One of the reasons for the failure of Rapid Detox is that a good medication, Naltrexone, is being used for the wrong reasons, as well as the wrong dosages, with no regards to the specific receptor needs of each individual patient.

Imagine if all diabetes patients were treated with exactly the same amount of insulin. The medication would not be effective, in fact, it could become life-threatening.

Rapid Detox does not assess the Endorphin-Receptor balance. ANR DOES!

Detox or Rapid Detox procedures can today be considered treatments from the past. They are still being promoted but no longer relevant as ANR becomes more available.

ANR relies on scientific based medicine combined with the 30 years of clinical experience of Dr. Waismann himself, who had in the 90’s identified the biological roots of opioid dependency.

In Summary, withdrawals and cravings can be reversed with modern medicine and correct receptor evaluation. By adjusting the Naltrexone dosage to the specific needs of each individual patient, the ANR treatment will allow endorphin/receptor balance. As of today ANR is the only treatment that addresses the roots of opioid dependency. ANR’s success is based on our capability of receptor evaluation allowing us to bring patients to their optimum chemical balance which allows them to resume their lives totally freed from their dependency.

That’s the most profound difference between ANR and any other treatment. That’s what we can achieve with the ANR technique.

The challenge remains to release heroin, methadone, and other forms of opiate-dependent patients from all of the misguided theories that they have been made to believe for so long, and to provide them with the knowledge and treatment they deserve.