Accelerated Neuroregulation

The new paradigm of treatment for opioid dependency.

What is ANR?

Dr. A. Waismann


Addressing the Biological Roots of the Illness

Chemical imbalance caused by continuous opioid intake a central nervous system disorder that causes severe physical and secondary physiological distress. Opioid receptors play a crucial role in both aspects of this illness. In the last decade, modern biotechnology has allowed us to understand the events of opioid receptor regulation.

ANR treats opioid dependency at the receptor level, blocking opioid receptors and precipitating the withdrawal syndrome, while controlling it. This is achieved through use of medication, including anesthetic agents that allow withdrawal to occur, while the patient is asleep. ANR reduces the risks of anesthesia-related complications and most of the side effects that would follow outdated treatments like traditional detox and Rapid Detox. Effective evaluation and blockage of the receptors along with the speedy recovery, bring the usual post-detox cravings to irrelevant levels.

ANR continues to deliver successful results to patients around the world and has increased the standards of effectiveness and safety previously unknown in this field.

Dr. Waismann has been the world leader in the field of reversing opioid dependency since 1994. He established the world’s first treatment center where patients are treated for their dependency with advanced medicine, in modern, general hospitals by qualified medical personnel, including anesthesiologists and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurses.

Dr. Waismann has performed over 24,000 successful treatments worldwide. The ANR method has spanned many continents and over 20 countries – from Italy and Switzerland, to Australia and Israel, and now to the United States. His years of service and dedication to this technique have impacted the lives of countless people. And today, Dr. Waismann is fully dedicated to bringing ANR to millions of opioid dependent Americans with the vision of helping them to regain their dignity and live a normal life.