Opiate Dependence

One Doctor's Desire to Heal Those Who Others Scorn


Today’s society is over saturated with media.

A tragedy becomes front-page news and everyone feels the need to know the gory details. Extreme negative attention is placed on those addicted to drugs and opiates. They are judged for their illness rather than empathized for their struggles. Suffering from opiate dependence is not something anyone would willingly choose.

The pain that stems from being addicted to opiates, however, cannot compare to the pain endured to cure oneself of such an addiction. Dr. Waismann recognizes this pain and suffering and the stigma that society places on these individuals. In his mission statement, he writes about his views on opiate dependency. “Its victims are not viewed as patients, but more usually – as outlaws. Society has pushed them to the gutters and the dark alleys of life, in an attempt to protect itself from them.”

The old standby treatment for opiate addiction would mainly consist of a long arduous detox program in which the person experiences the pain of withdrawal symptoms for days on end. In some cases doctors have claimed that this pain is therapeutic and serves to teach the patient a lesson.

Feeling so strongly that there had to be a better way to treat opiate addiction, Dr. Waismann worked long and hard to create a ground breaking new treatment called Accelerated Neuroregulation (ANR). Dedicated to serving each individual on an independent basis, the treatment allows patients to be freed from withdrawals and cravings at once, a therapeutic goal that is not even considered with other existing treatment methods; for each patient to be treated based on his or her symptoms and specific medical and drug histories. The patient remains unconscious during this treatment, which Dr. Waismann has reduced from days down to mere hours. The patient will suffer very little during this safe but effective process and will wake up without symptoms of withdrawal.

It is refreshing to see that not everyone judges and allows harsh treatments for these patients, believing they need to be taught, “a lesson.” Dr. Waismann truly believes in the ‘do no harm’ oath.

Please contact us to learn more about the ANR treatment or how to recognize the signs of opiate dependence.

  • david

    Shoot me a number to call please biggdmann.dc.dc@gmail.com. this is my email

  • orlene

    old news! this has been happening for like 10 years now…maybe not in the USA but very much so elsewhere

  • Andrew Jory

    old posts from 4 years ago – I guess this ANR treatment fell under but the website lives on….
    Anyway – how about this for a thought, Doctors – yes Doctors, prescribe opiates, with instructions, they supple immediate release opiates, often oxy’s and when the patient runs out the doctor, says, “well you shouldn’t need them any more – so no I wont prescribe any more] or the well adjusted caring doctors requests a process of weening off the medication.
    HOWEVER – more often then not the person being prescribed has social issues, and now have a pill that lets them feel something, or mask something, they find it helps relieve the day to day agony, plus its like a warm hug from God to them…. why should they stop?
    How about this for a unique idea, let them have as much opiate medication as they want, have newly employed health workers [yes jobs for the needy] to do spot checks to make sure they are have their medication stored in a safe, and are not missing any. They did this in Australia back in the late 1990/2000’s and people were finally able to get out and get work without having to score off the street, without having to go doctor shopping. These people had to have random blood tests, and the chemist would only give out 1 weeks supply at a time….. This one act put a lot of heroin dealers out of work…. now 20 years later, the streets are safer than ever, you dont see any signs of needles in alleys or desperate junkies begging for cash….
    PLEASE GIVE PEOPLE BACK THEIR DIGNITY – ALLOW CHRONIC LONG TERM PAIN SUFFERERS THE ABILITY TO HAVE SUFFICIENT MEDICATION without the need to refer to over rated hyperbole and ancient statistics regarding deaths from medications decades ago. EITHER that or ALLOW ALL COUNTRY’S TO HAVE MEDICAL MARIJUANA