Hitler’s Choice: Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction

by Dr. Andre Waismann



Why does it take so long for some changes to take place, while other changes will happen at the blink of an eye?

Could you consider treating your heart condition with the knowledge and technology of 1952?

Would you consent to surgery in an operation room from 1966?

What about being treated with a substance developed by the Hitler regime in 1939?

If all the research made since has proven Methadone to be a viable option in treating opiate dependency, why doesn’t the scientific community give credits to the ones who were involved on the development of it? Should we honor Hitler for having sponsored the development of a substance that is being used to “treat” hundreds of thousands of people, to this day?

How much money has the world spent on research of opiate dependency over the last 50 years? All that, to reach a conclusion that Hitler brought the best treatment option accepted and highly promoted by most “modern” countries of the western world?

How come the side effects of this specific drug are not taken into consideration when a patient is “convinced” of this “treatment”? How come those people who are promoting and marketing Methadone “treatment,” are not also questioning the mortality rate of patients under its prescription?

I am working in the field of opiate dependency for over 20 years.

I am applying tools available of modern medicine to treat an illness.

No mortality, no important side effects.

To most patients, this means the end of the illness.

Sound too good to be true?

Maybe, but when I am working in a field that has not brought any important improvement since Hitler; when the other treatment alternatives are using tools which are 60 years old; you don’t need to work too hard to come up with something considered “too good to be true.”

Please consider everything I’ve said when realizing, methadone treatment for opiate addiction is not a viable option. 

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