What is ANR?

Continuous opiate intake causes dependency, which is a central nervous system disorder; the main symptoms of this disorder being Withdrawal Syndrome and Cravings. Modern medicine and science have illuminated and blatantly made apparent that opioid dependency has a damaging and altering effect on the central nervous system as a direct consequence of the drug-induced neuro-adaption, neuro-receptor, and endorphin-receptor dysregulation from habitual opioid use.

Dr. Waismann’s ANR Method (Accelerated Neuroregulation) reverses both the opiate dependency and its symptoms. ANR reverses dependency on Heroin, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, and prescription opiate medications using an effective, safe, and humane treatment.

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) or sometimes also referred to as Accelerated Neuro-Modulation, is a method that addresses the fundamental neuro-pathophysiologic derangement caused by opiate dependency. In other words, ANR addresses the central disturbance caused by the dependency.

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation addresses opioid dependency treatment from this perspective to achieve the therapeutic goal of returning the central nervous system, most imperatively the brain, to its normal endorphin-receptor equilibrium. It does this by producing a state of neuronal, endorphin-receptor balance via modulation or re-regulation at the cellular and neuro-chemical level. It is essential for therapy to occur at this level in order to alleviate the compulsive drug seeking behavior that is exhibited by all addicts as a direct result of cravings or drug hunger.

Restoration of the neuro-chemical and neuro-physiologic balance is the science behind ANR. ANR begins with the premise that examines opioid dependency based on the pathophysiology and neuropharmacology vis-à-vis normal brain function, specifically the interaction and relationship that would normally exist prior to the neuro-adaptation and alteration that has now ensued from opioid abuse.

In general, all individuals produce natural endorphins in their bodies. Production is mediated by a variety of factors, in particular, external and internal stimuli or signals such as pain, excitement, fear, anger, exertion, emotions, thought, intellectual stimulations, physical exercise, sexual activates, etc.

For the most part, the body produces adequate amounts of endorphin commensurate to the stimuli. Once the stimuli have subsided or been extinguished endorphin levels return to baseline levels, which are often negligible and biologically “insignificant”.

Individuals who develop an opioid habit, through use of exogenous opioid suppress natural opioid production while simultaneously inducing the central nervous system to increase the number of active endorphin/opioid receptors. With increasing use and abuse this develops into a self-perpetuating vicious cycle. More and more receptors are induced and the individual requires greater amounts of opioids/narcotics to quench his neuro-biochemical demand.

In other words, tolerance has developed; moreover, the increase in the number of endorphin/opioid receptors load is now associated with a bio-physical and neuro-chemical ravenous hunger called cravings. Unless the endorphin-receptor balance is restored to its original state, the addict is doomed to a life of suffering, relapse and dependency.

The ANR method’s therapeutic goal is returning the central nervous system into balance by modulating the central nervous system to decrease receptor production and allow the body to resume proper endorphin production while also permitting the metabolizing and elimination of unnecessary exogenous opioid.

It is in achieving this cellular, neuro-chemical and endorphin-receptor re-balance that renders the bio-physical cravings or drug hunger obsolete and irrelevant. The ANR treatment and method is conducted under general anesthesia to eliminate suffering and virtually guarantees that all patients will undergo treatment eliminating the chance of drop-out (as experienced with most conventional treatment programs or rehab facilities). This inherent benefit increases the success rate of ANR dramatically.

During the treatment period and while under general anesthesia, physical withdrawal is induced and the process of accelerated neuro-regulation is begun. Neuro-chemical and endorphin-receptors are re-regulated and modulated to their “pre-addiction” state.

The process is monitored by the physician, an anesthesiologist using ICU monitors that display real-time vital signs. In addition, the anesthesiologist is continuously observing and reassesses the progress and physiologic status of the patient through physical examination with the aid of sophisticated ICU monitors that measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood, central nervous system responses, and electrocardiogram to evaluate the heart, pulmonary function and fluid requirements.

Based on the information received from the monitors, physical examination and assessment appropriate modifications are made for the administration of medication in order to achieve proper modulation at the endorphin-receptor level.

This process is perpetually re-evaluated to ensure resolution of the withdrawal symptoms and abatement of the adrenergic response. Each individual has unique requirements based on their medical history.

For example, a patient with a ten-year history of dependency, hypertension, COPD, obesity will require a unique individualized treatment approach when compared to a healthy professional athlete.

The understanding and treatment of patients with complex medical conditions are further made safer because ANR anesthesiologists and physicians are board certified and critical care medicine specialists.

The ANR method is strongly supported by clinical and academic data from Dr. Andre Waismann’s successful treatment of over 17,000 patients from all over the world. He has spent the better part of 20 years researching and developing a scientifically and medically sound approach of treating the opioid dependent patient.

Dr. Andre Waismann’s – Accelerated Neuro-Regulation addresses the issue of opioid dependency and addiction purely from a modern scientific and medical perspective.

He has ushered the treatment of opioid addiction into a new era but more importantly given hope to thousands and shattered the archaic conventional medical approach of replacement therapy, long-term in house rehabilitation and detoxification with the new gold standard of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation — ANR.

ANR Treatment Overview

Step by Step

Every patient is accompanied directly from the airport straight to the Dr. Waismann clinic. Here they are assessed and provided medication by the doctor to allow them a comfortable and calm pre-hospitalization.


Patients are hospitalized in our ANR unit at the Barzilai Hospital. They undergo laboratory screening and clinical examination before being image_3_preview_frmedicated to allow a comfortable induction into the sedation stage.


Gradual sedation stage: patients are induced and brought into a deep sleep stage for a period of 3 to 4 hours. During this period, opioid receptors will be blocked and the withdrawal syndrome will occur.  Patients will be kept asleep and are constantly monitored and assisted throughout the procedure.

Evening / Night:image_2_preview_fr

Patients awake from the sedation and are assisted through the night.

Morning after / Recovery period:

Early in the morning, we begin the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment; a daily regimen of Naltrexone will be followed thereafter. Patients are encouraged to eat and drink, slowly returning to general physical activities. Typically, they are discharged back to the hotel at noontime.

Upon discharge, patients are no longer dependent, the withdrawal syndrome is over, and the Naltrexone regimen has begun.

image_1_preview_frNaltrexone medication will keep the opioid receptors blocked and cravings will become irrelevant. Patients will return to healthy and productive lives. The length of the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment will be established solely by Dr. Waismann according to the specific needs of each patient.

Every patient receives the treatment under the personal supervision of Dr. A. Waismann

ANR Treatment Advantages

The advantages of ANR treatment over traditional and rapid detox programs are as follows:

Safety – Other alternative treatment and rapid detox methods use a standard treatment for each patient. As the number of receptors differ from patient to patient, this often leads to severe side effects and in some cases, fatality. ANR tailors the treatment to each individual patient, thereby negating any of the unpleasant side effects.

Team of Expert Physicians – Most rapid detox procedures are carried out by psychiatrists and even psychologists, some use an anesthesiologist, but they remain at the patient side for a very short period of time using sedation instead of anesthesia, therefore, many will not even perform intubations as a safety measure to prevent aspiration that can lead to death. ANR recognizes that a major element of the treatment is the anesthetic, andis therefore, carried out only by trained ICU physicians and highly qualified anesthetists. On hand there is a pool of expert help, including cardiologists and renal physicians, enabling us to treat patients with additional complications such as heart disease and renal problems.

Facilities – Alternative rapid detox programs are carried out in clinics, without access to anhospital immediate and full range of on-site medical facilities. The ANR method recognizes that this is a major medical procedure and carries out the treatment in a state-of-the-art General Hospital. There are ICU facilities and a dedicated unit for the procedure, with access to all the essential medical equipment, required to treat even the most complex conditions.

Follow-Up Treatment – By establishing a new regulation between receptors and endorphins, due to the individually tailored treatments, patients regain immediate psychological stability, unlike any other type of treatment. Therefore, negating the need for any opiate substitutes and expensive follow up counseling, required to help deal with the psychological cravings.

No Replacement Opiate Treatment – Some rapid detox procedures treat opiate addiction to one opiate with replacement-opiate drugs, such as Methadone or Suboxone (Subutex). This form of treatment includes opiates, which can often lead to dependency, craving and withdrawal themselves.

Time – Rather than spending months in traditional rehabilitation, patients can return to a normal life within a matter of days.

Anonymity – The benefit of being treated outside your country, is that all your medical treatment history will remain outside your country.

Expert Opinions

Read about what other medical professionals have said about Dr.Waismann's method.

author image Dr. Margolis , Head of the Drug Addiction Department, Ministry of Health “This method is a brilliant solution for some of the drug addicts. The Ministry of Health has discussed the issue and decided to establish one or two departments in various hospitals in Israel, in which this method would be implemented. This may take some time; however, eventually it will definitely be carried out. As for Dr. Waismann, today he is the only doctor who is licensed by the Ministry of Health to treat patients using this method and indeed practices it. A few years ago Dr. Waismann approached us with an offer to assist in the matter but at the time this issue was not on the list of our priorities. It is possible that while establishing these departments we will seek the professional opinion of Dr. Waismann who has ample experience in this field”.
author image Professor Yehuda Sheinfeld , Head of the Internal Medicine Department, Shiba General Hospital Tel-Aviv “Based on profound analysis of the scientific literature and data, we have reached the following conclusion: it is a medical procedure which has a firm pharmacological basis. This procedure provides a number of advantages: the patient undergoes the procedure of detoxification with minimal risk and stress. The fact that over 1300 patients have successfully completed the procedure of detoxification without any medical complications or mortality cases proves that this method is safe and efficient”.
author image Dr. Ludmila Heled , The Drug Addiction Department, Ministry of Health 2004 “It is a good medical method. The treatment is excellent and it is supervised by the Ministry of Health”.
author image Dr. A. Lerner , Supervising Doctor of the Ministry of Health and the Drug Committee of the Knesset 1995 “It is one of the most efficient methods that we know and we welcome it in Israel.” “The research conducted in the USA show that the shorter and less painful the physical withdrawal is, the faster is the recovery of the patient”.
author image Professor Abraham Waitzmann , Tel-Aviv University “The mentioned treatment correlates with the professional literature in the subject if opiate detoxification. It is a safe and effective method if under supervision, which has definite pharmacological basis”.
author image Dr. Jacob Ziegelbaum , Chief Medical Officer of the Israel Prison Service “We have to support and institutionalize this method”.
author image Mr. Itzhak Negbi , Israeli Ministry of Health Spokesman “The Minister of Health, Mr. Itzhak Negbi, considers the Method of Dr. Waismann as an important issue and accordingly supports the allocation of funds to implement it. This approach is due to the proven success of the Method and its financial advantage. This treatment has been professionally accredited by the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Welfare”.
author image Mr. Rafael Eitan , Head of The Committee at the Knesset “The Committee will approach the Minister of Public Security, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Welfare in order to ensure that the patients will receive support for this specific treatment as we have been supporting others”.
author image The Drug Committee of the Knesset 2004 , The unicameral legislature of Israel “I am asking the minister of Health, Mr. Dani Naveh, to start the implementation of this advanced treatment which has been neglected for many years by the public authorities in Israel. It is high time for prompt action against drugs. It is the only way we can save our children from crime and violence”.
author image Haim Barda , Chairman of the “War against Drugs” Organization in Ashkelon “In the past we sent 46 people from Ashkelon to undergo this treatment. Today they are all well.”
author image Moshe Kotler , Professor “Based on the scientific literature and accumulated experience in Israel and Europe, one may conclude that it is a highly efficient detoxification method and if carried out in optimal professional conditions it can have a 100% success rate. This Method has a major advantage over other conventional methods: a minimal percentage of drop-out cases versus reported 30%-60%”.
author image Mrs. Miri Adelist , Clinical psychologist, quotes from a letter to the President of Israel “I personally encountered hundreds of patients and their families who were lucky enough to start a new life. Based on my experience I feel a strong and deep moral, ethical and human obligation to do all in my power to enable as many patients as possible to receive the treatment of Dr. Waismann ANR clinic. This treatment has many advantages over other methods. It has 100% success rate on withdrawal stage. Every patient who commences this treatment is free of drugs within a day. The treatment provides blockage from drugs and a reliable start to the rehabilitation process. It has been a great privilege for me to participate in one of the most significant humanitarian projects in Israel since its establishment”.
author image Dr. Michael Reiter , Clinical Psychologist in the Drug Abuse Department at the Ministry of Health “First of all, it is important to emphasize that the treatment has a solid scientific background. The proof for its success relies on the fact that 100% of the patients overcome the physical opiate dependency. The Waismann’s clinic uses a technology which grants every patient the opportunity to start a new life free of the physical addiction to opiates. Second of all, I would like to point out that the post-treatment follow-up reports indicate that the majority of the patient don’t demonstrate acute craving for drugs. In most of the cases there is absolutely no sense of craving. As you may know, the daily and hourly struggle against craving is the most important component of the relapse. Finally, the patients who undergo Dr.Waismann’s advanced Treatment respond to Naltrexone in a very effective manner. Naltrexone provides an excellent “defense” against the relapse and exemplifies its effectiveness unlike its common usage. Various highlights of the treatment such as absence of drop-out cases and post-treatment craving and blockage, serve as a pivotal point for a new life for the patients particularly to those who require rehabilitation. In conclusion, this Method, as implemented in Israel by the Waismann’s clinic and in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health, is effective, safe and contributes to the progress of such a difficult treatment.”
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Do you have questions about ANR Treatment?

  • Are there any side effects from the medications you use?

    All the medications used in the treatment are FDA approved. The patient will be on a regimen of Naltrexone following the procedure. Naltrexone is FDA approved and has been used for decades. Naltrexone has shown no serious side effects.

  • How long will I take the medication after the procedure?

    The answer for this question can only be determined during the actual treatment. Each patient’s needs differ; it’s depending on the level of his/her opiate addiction. If Naltrexone is properly prescribed by the physician, it will effectively prevent and have a reversal effect on cravings. The main reason for the maintenance dose is to keep the patient’s opiate receptors in the brain blocked against opiates (i.e. Heroin, Methadone etc.), to eliminate the cravings or the psychological need for opiates, allowing the patient to resume a healthy and productive life.

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